Terms And Conditions


These terms and conditions and other information are provided by the unidadmundial when you complete the approval on your flight reservation. Users read out all terms and conditions and additional info before making flight reservations and using of unidadmundial website.Those customers agree to terms and conditions with constant. In case you have any doubts and you disagree with the terms and conditions, in this situation, you won't be able to use the website and make a reservation through the website.


Passengers check whether all given information, such as passenger name, departure date, flight time, passport details, and itinerary, is correct or not. Any change on your ticket is not allowed. During the flight booking process representative double check all details on your receipt. Flight booking airfare is guaranteed only at the time of flight reservation. If you have any problem with the payment, the airline sends confirmation through email and contact number. Passenger baggage allowance depends on your itinerary and which type of class ticket you have. Most airlines apply some charges on carry-on luggage and additional baggage. In this situation, passengers connect with the airline customer service team and get all necessary baggage allowance, cost, and size.


Travelers make a payment in installments or last reservation fee submission. However, your remaining amount is paid before the deadline if any passenger is interested in creating a partial payment.


Passengers buying travel insurance to protect themselves need many rules and regulations to make a reservation under their terms and conditions. Travel insurance covered all risk penalties and flight cancellations.


The website of the unidadmundial sent all required documents like flight tickets, invoices, insurance, and other documents to your email address. The unidadmundial's website is not responsible after delivery. If your keys and other paper are lost, passengers are the complete, reliable issuance cost in this situation.

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