The unidadmundial website collects information when you engage with services online and offline, including information you provide when you register on an unidadmundial website, purchase merchandise, or sign up for sweepstakes or other promotions. Passengers also may be asked to provide information about where they like to travel or additional information about their preferences and behavior. The following information from the unidadmundial website is collected.


Including your first and last name, email address, postal address, and phone number.


Including your first and last name, credit card number, email address, postal address, cell phone number, and other payment information or information needed to verify your identity.


Including your age, gender, and country of residence.


Inferences, interests, favorites, preferences Content, including content within any information you send to us (such as feedback and questions to customer support) or publicly posted on the unidadmundial website. The unidadmundial website also collects content within any messages. Personal Contacts and Other Passenger Data, including the first and last name, email address, and phone number of your contacts and those travel companions or other individuals for which you provide information. Passengers give all details, such as your travel companions or other individuals. In addition, passengers confirm that you have obtained their access to provide their information to us and their consent to use their information following this Privacy Policy. Passengers cannot make these confirmations. Are you not providing us with any personal information about these individuals?


Passenger employment and education history, transcript, writing samples, and references as necessary to consider your job application for open positions. The unidadmundial collects all details with your consent. However, customers choose to submit other information that we do not request voluntarily, for instance. You are solely responsible for such information

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